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Move4U wants to thank all the participants!

The 21st of June, we organised our first golf event! In this blog we will take you with us through this day!

The golf event took place in Amsterdam, at ‘Golfbaan Waterland’. It was a very cosy place with beautiful nature and big golf courses. At 12.00 o’clock the first people arrived, and after a lovely lunch everyone was ready to play!

When the flights started playing golf, we recognised our biggest challange of this day: the weather! There was a really strong wind. Luckily we could all laugh about it, and were even more dedicated to show off our skills to each ohter!


A few participants of the 9 and 18 holes

When the participants of the 18 and 9 holes were on the course it was time for the participants of the clinic to get to know this beautiful sport. There were two teachers, so the group was split up. After teaching the basic golf skills, it was time to play on the course! We remember people trying their very best and recognising golf isn’t a easy sport to play. But most importantly, everyone was having fun! And that’s all we hoped for!


A few participants of the clinic

After playing golf, drinks and snacks were waiting for us in the cafeteria. It was time to catch up with each other and to meet even more new people. Around 18.00 o’clock, diner was ready and the winners were announced! We would like to mention them again:

The neary: Alex Timmers
The best of 9 holes: Johan Smith
The upcoming talent: Mark Brekelmans

Good one guys! We hope you’ll enjoy the champaign!


The winners of the neary, the upcoming talent and the best of 9 holes

We would like to thank everyone who participated. Especially to the people who traveled from other countries to join this event! We hope you’ve had as much fun as we did and would like to see you all back next year! Excited to see some of the pictures which are made? Please watch below! Ofcourse we are able to send you some pictures if you would like to.

What's next?

And now it’s time for the next event: the IAM! Will you be there?
We have lots of new things to show you so be prepared and stay tuned...