Simple, error-free claim handling for your moving business

Paper-intensive claim workflows are too costly, The ClaimApp is an effective software application for use in cases of household damages or losses. It provides your clients with an easy-to-use electronic form and greatly assists the Underwriter in claim handling.

Getting started

Welcome to the ClaimApp! This User Guide will take you through the various steps of reporting a claim using this mobile device application.

Getting started with the ClaimApp

Setting up your device

Introduction with a few screens that describe how to supply information about the claim and capturing the damage with the camera on your device.

Login using your personal details provided by your move coordinator

General information

Here you can enter and edit your Contact Information. If your Service Order number and Claim number have been entered by your Mover, you will see them here too.

Your Current Address and the Country and City of Origin can be added or edited on this screen. In the About the Damage fields, the Reporting of the Claim and the Storage Location can be adjusted by using the toggle switches.

Damage overview

Damage overview

In this screen you can add the item(s) damaged or lost by pressing the + symbol. Item details can be entered in the following fields including a short description of the item, the type of damage, purchase value, insured value and damage value. Also the Year of Purchase can be entered.

If you have an inventory list you can enter the Item number here. You can then add photos of the damaged item(s). These can be existing photos from your Photo Library or new photos taken by your device. By pressing Next you can add items to the list.

Additional information

When you are finished adding the damaged item(s) you progress to the Additional Information screen by pressing Next. Here you enter your Bank details, your Insurance Details and any additional information related to the cause of the damage.

By adjusting the toggle switch, Claim Complete, you can either confirm that your claim is complete or, if it is not, you can describe the reason why not all items are listed. In the Agreement field you must declare the submitted details are correct. Click on the toggle switch to do this. You are then able to finalize and submit your claim request.

Cost savings

The ClaimApp streamlines claim handling – helping you reduce costs, conserve resources and simplify processes.

Fully customizable

The application can be adapted to your company’s identity – the layout, colors and your logo can be incorporated. Even verification emails sent to your customers can reflect your company’s house style.

Clear overview

The ClaimApp provides your team with an overview of tasks, status and claim management covering the entire process. In combination with other Move4U tools, wrongful claims are addressed and eliminated.


The client interface has been designed to make entering the claim simple and easy so that submission is clear and error-free. Device independent, the ClaimApp works on iPhones, tablets and all Android devices.


All Move4U solutions are seamlessly integrated into the MoveCloud, providing you with the necessary information and reporting. You will be able to monitor the progress of your claims at any time, 24/7.


At Move4U, we will provide you with the necessary facility to integrate the solutions with legacy systems such as, but not limited to, RedSky and MoveWare.


With all our solutions integrated into the MoveCloud, you will be able to monitor live the progress of your business. And with the dashboard, you will have a good overview at a glance.

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