It used to be very normal that you, as a moving company, would visit the customer to make a quotation.
09 Sep

Is it really necessary to send a surveyor to each request?

Back in the days it was very normal that you, as a moving company, would visit the customer to make a quotation. But I wonder, is that not something of the past?

The two most used arguments to still visit a customer that I keep on hearing a lot is “I am able to explain and show the customer in a much better way why they need to choose me.” and “I know exactly what they want.”

What I notice here is that both arguments start with “I”. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to know upfront what the customer wants? I wonder. For instance, “What does moving house cost me and which service can I expect for the amount I pay?”

Costs and quality are relative concepts. What someone finds expensive someone else can find cheap. Internet is the ideal medium to find an answer to these questions. People will look on the website of moving companies to find these answers.

Imagine, you want to go on a holiday and are looking for a nice, affordable hotel. You will find several, but when visiting their website, you can’t find any pricing or availability. Would you call and speak to every hotel?

“That’s not possible with moving. What’s the volume, what needs to packed and is there furniture that needs extra care?” I can hear the mover say it. And when the price for the move is getting final, you indeed want answers to these questions. But does this mean you need to visit each request for quotation personal?

A personal visit will cost a moving company between $100 and $200. Now let’s assume you book 5 out of 10 requests then you would still have to earn back the $500 to $1000 on those 5 moves.

Move4U has numerous of online solutions that can assist the mover in this process while facilitating their customers at the same time: 24/7 online quote request.

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