What is it?

Dealing with handwritten claim forms and evaluating vague emails with photo attachments.. The ClaimApp avoids these kinds of annoying aspects! The ClaimApp captures all relevant information of claims with client photos. The app uploads these directly into the MoveCloud for quick review and processing.

Keep your customers happy by handling claims quickly and effectively. Clients take photos of their damage themselves. These photos are saved in the MoveCloud and are going to be compared to the photos of the crew, which are taken with the MovePro. In this way, the ClaimApp eliminates damage disputes!

Move to automatic claim-handling through:

  • Personal & professional claim-handling
  • Sharing claims on digital platforms
  • Less e-mails, no more paperwork
  • Happy clients because of the easy and more logical claim process!

Don’t let claims consume your time

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The ClaimApp makes it possible to keep your customers happy by handling claims quickly and effectively!

The features of our ClaimApp

  • Your own app, your own design

    The application can be adapted to your company’s identity – the layout, colors and your logo can be incorporated. Even verification emails sent to your customers can reflect your company’s house style.

  • Overview of entire process

    The ClaimApp provides your team with an overview of tasks, status and claim management covering the entire process. In combination with other Move4U tools, wrongful claims are addressed and eliminated.

  • Easy to use, for everyone!

    The client interface has been designed to make entering the claim simple and easy so that submission is clear and error-free. Device independent, the ClaimApp works on iPhones, tablets and all Android devices.

  • Data integration

    At Move4U, we will provide you with the necessary facility to integrate the solutions with legacy systems such as RedSky and MoveWare.

  • Monitoring

    All Move4U solutions are integrated into the MoveCloud, providing you with the necessary information and reporting. You will be able to monitor the progress of your claims at any time.

  • Eliminating damage disputes

    The ClaimApp prevents discussions about damage, because of the integration in our MoveCloud. The survey and packing photos are saved in the MoveCloud; therefore, they can be accessed for comparison.


Very responsive
“The self-survey tool has helped us in providing an additional option alongside other methods for our customers to do business for us which is important as all our customers have different requirements and preferences. As a company I find Move4U very responsive when we have any issues which is important to us in serving our customers quickly and smoothly.”
Kirsty Parsons, Marketing Director - Bournes Moves
Very useful product
“Very useful product. We are very happy with the service provided by Move4U. Everything has been set up so quickly, the team is efficient and responds fast. The SMC highly recommends MOVE4U.”
Jimmy Bruzzese, Sales Director - The SMC
Working with Move4U is quite easy
“Working with Move4U is quite easy. The tool offers a variety of possibilities to trade with private customers and corporate accounts in high performances of sales. Also sales leads coming from the pipeline are almost 100% guaranteed for business since the tool is open to the people who are really looking for a moving company to deal with. It’s been nice to have such a partner like Move4U working close with us.”
Roberto Leite, Commercial Director – G-Inter
'Great application, user-friendly with a powerful back office support! I can really appreciate the personal touch!'
Marvin Weyers - Weyers Transport Services
'The products of Move4U realized an efficient and more logical business strategy for us.'
'Because of the products we have a better overview of our data. Therefore, we have the opportunity to evaluate and improve our results!'
'Because our whole crew can work in the same system(s) at the same time, it's easier to update everyone with any changes among removals.'

Seamless integration with MoveCloud

Move4U Solutions are perfectly integrated into the MoveCloud, providing you with the necessary information and reporting. You will be able to montior your surveys at any time, 24/7.

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