On this page, you can find important details from our golf event which takes place on the 21st of June! like the dress code, how to drive to the location and some last information about the program of the evening and "Only Friends".

Arrival and directions


First, we would like to inform you about the different arrival times. This depends on program you chose for:

12:30 - 18 holes
14:30 - 9 holes
14:30 - Clinic

We would like to welcome you at "Golfbaan Waterland Amsterdam". The exact address of this location: Buikslotermeerdijk 141, 1027 AC, Amsterdam. This location is reachable from different highways:

  • A10 - From "Zeeburgertunnel" Take exit S115. After this exit, turn left over the flyover.
  • A10 - From "Coentunnel" Take exit S115. After this exit, turn right.
  • From "IJtunnel" or Volendam Take the ring road towards Amersfoort. Then, take exit S115. After this exit, turn left.

After the highway, you need to follow the following directions:

  • Follow "IJdoornlaan"
  • At the first roundabout, turn right
  • At the second roundabout, go straight ahead
  • At the second traffic light, turn right and drive through the "Beensterstraat"
  • Next, follow the bund. Following this road, you will pass the foundation Only Friends and the sportcomplex.

What about a dress code?

Still in doubt what you will be wearing? We will give you a few tips for clothing possibilities:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • We advice you to bring different kind of clothes so you can adapt to the weather during the day.
  • Specific golf shoes are not necessary, but it's highly recommended to wear sneakers or boat shoes so you have a better grip on the golf course. Not in any case wear heels or shoes without profile.
  • Also it is recommended not to wear jeans or sweatpants.

After playing golf you are able to take a shower and change yourself, so you will be fresh and ready for the evening program.

Tell me more about the evening!

In the evening, some special guests will introduce themselves. The foundation Only Friends is going to talk about its vision and goals how to help children with disabilities. Afterwards, we are going to handover a cheque with all the donations collected on this day.

Furthermore, we are going to announce the winners of:

  • The upcoming talents
  • The Neary
  • The best 9 holes

The evening is going to be fun and informal. We will provide you of food and drinks!
At about 20.30 / 21.00 o'clock, the program will come to an end.

We hope you are just as excited as we are! Still having questions about the event?
Please give us a call or send us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!