Version 1.1.11 Release Notes

Release Notes version 1.1.11 – 14-09-2017
We are pleased to present version 1.1.11. This release includes functional enhancements and fixes.


  • Overview screens now have dynamic datatables with custom column options, filters and sort features.


  • Added: show comments for items in the MoveCloud screens;
  • Added: external assignment task feature;
  • Changed: location now has a custom friendly name;
  • Added: more photo information in the PDF;
  • Added: inventory edit, make first tab default tab;
  • Added: location edit, make first tab default tab;
  • Added: inventory PDF;
  • Added: boxes PDF;
  • Added: packing materials PDF;
  • Added: packinglist PDF;
  • Added: company boxes inventory items;
  • Added: custom inventory items per agent.


  • Settings screen surveyapp now contains screens for the next version of the surveyapp (v2);
  • Added: script codes for adding to an agent website;
  • Added: QR code for starting a new survey;
  • Enabled: languages for the app;
  • Added: color choser for new surveyapp;
  • Enabled: domainnames for the implemented script.


  • Fixed: dataranges for overview screen;
  • Added: tabs to detail screen;
  • Added: status column to overview.