Version 1.1.13 Release Notes

Release Notes version 1.1.13 – 05-10-2017
We are pleased to present version 1.1.13. This release includes functional enhancements and fixes.

  • Added: missing packinglist information;
  • Removed: extra recipients field from task screen;
  • Removed: city from incoming task overview;
  • Fixed: correct moves count on dashboards, now also includes RedSky initiated moves;
  • Fixed: show thumbnail photos to minimize data download;
  • Fixed: show correct destination for inventoryitems in overview;
  • Changed: removing floors/rooms now gives warning when has children;
  • Fixed: signature on task now has correct signing datetime.
  • Fixed: bug fixed in creating list of boxes;
  • Content in PDF alignment;
  • Cared crates marked as CRT on packinglists.
  • Fixed: bug in adding new inventory items;
  • Released version 2.0.0 of the SurveyApp.
  • Fixed: saving of state;
  • Fixed: breadcrumb navigation;
  • Fixed: show correct currencies on claim detail;
  • Claimowner gets claim-email;
  • Show insurance company selection in claim detail screen.
Insurance portal
  • Link insurance companies to agents for handling claims.