Version 1.1.15 Release Notes

Release Notes version 1.1.15 – 27-10-2017
We are pleased to present version 1.1.15. This release includes functional enhancements and fixes.

  • Fix: changed some spelling mistakes;
  • Fix: bug on packinglist creation screen;
  • Added: getting inventory items translations for chosen item in popup;
  • Changed: free search now excludes other filters for easy searching;
  • Changed: cannot click a deleted move from list;
  • Added: syncing invetoryitem names;
  • Fix: syncing walkthrough questions double list;
  • Changed: easier removing rooms and floors from app;
  • Changed: saving data when using the back button;
  • Added: emailtemplates for Dutch and English;
  • Changed: sending agent email to the configured emailaddress in the movecloud;
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