Version 1.1.16 Release Notes

Release Notes version 1.1.16 – 09-11-2017

We are pleased to present version 1.1.16. This release includes functional enhancements and fixes.


  • Language selection in the user profile is now based upon the language availability

The ClaimApp

  • Added functionality to connect to an insurance company
  • Ability to select a certificate when starting a new claim
  • Claim notifications are now sent to the general email address and the owner email

The MovePro

  • Disable two different tasks at the same time on an address to prevent conflicts
  • Pack list enhancements
  • Move box content shown on pack list
  • Added KPI’s to the dashboard
  • Added error notifications when no origin or destination address has been chosen

The SurveyForm

  • Fixed locations GUID bug

The SurveyApp

  • Added multi language mail templates
  • Added French language
  • Added preferred language selection for move company
  • Show the location photos shown apart from room photos
  • Added thumbnails to minimize date transfer and improve performance

Insurance Portal

  • Restrict the editing of a claim once it has been shared
  • Fixed certificate counting bug
  • Added notification popup once a claim has been re-initiated
  • Shared claim availability in the insurance portal
  • Claim status bug fix
  • General functional enhancements
  • Added reports