Version 1.1.17 Release Notes

Release Notes version 1.1.17 – 21-11-2017

We are pleased to present version 1.1.17. This release includes functional enhancements and fixes.


  • The map functionality at an address is now A synchronized to increase performance
  • The friendly name on a pack list fix
  • Inventory overview presentation enhancement
  • Added information for logo upload on settings page

The MovePro

  • The services for a move where preset to ‘Client’ instead of being empty
  • Item conditions are now according to the FIDI standard
  • Transport type on a pack list fix
  • Added signatures on a pack list
  • Added the ‘agreement questions’ and ‘walkthrough questions’ answers to the move
  • Added the name of the packer to the item on the pack list
  • Item total count on pack list fix

The SurveyApp

  • Photo upload process enhancement