Version 1.1.5 Release Notes

Version 1.1.5 – 01-06-2017

We are pleased to present version 1.1.5. This release includes many functional enhancements and fixes.


  • Various aesthetic changes;
  • Changed company dropdown look;
  • Moved company dropdown to left (left of user) in header;
  • Added main dashboard charts for SurveyApp / MovePro / SurveyForm;
  • Fixed photo carousel bug;
  • Added SurveyForm application to application list;
  • Added SurveyForm application to menu;
  • Added chart to dashboard SurveyApp / MovePro / SurveyForm;
  • Hiding company affects company dropdown in header.


  • Various aesthetic changes;
  • Added move status to move (new/cancelled/pending/booked/lost/done);
  • Crew members;
  • External tasks;
  • New tasks from device;
  • KPI’s;
  • Improved filters;
  • Added SurveyForm application to filter list moves;
  • Added status changes to general tab move;
  • Added status options to filter list moves;
  • Reset default filter to only MovePro in MovePro list;
  • Changed header move;
  • Added location custom volume;
  • Added volume to location list (inventory or custom);
  • Added pack list count to move overview (next to volume);
  • Added crew-member edit/update/delete to location in move;
  • Improved display of photo’s.


  • KPI’s;
  • Changed header move;
  • Fixed SurveyApp date format overview;
  • Added volume to SurveyApp overview;
  • Added volume to SurveyApp locations.


  • Added handled by filter.