Your donation for Only Friends

You have received an exclusive invitation to the first Move4U Golf Event. We were excited to see your application and your indication that you want to donate an amount of money to the Only Friends foundation.

At the end of our event, we handover a cheque to Only Friends. That's why we would like to ask you to fill in the amount of money you want to donate to the foundation!

Let's make a move together for Only Friends!

<p>Please tell us your first and last name. </p>
<p>What's your e-mail address?</p>
<p>Please fill in your handicap, except for the ones who sign up for a Clinic! </p>
<p>Please fill in the amount of money you would like to donate to the foundation 'Only Friends'. By filling in, Move4U registers your donation and therefore, your donation is official. </p>