Comfortably Settled

Moovyn is our own branded consumer portal that provides one-stop service by focusing on an intuitive user interface for everyone who is moving house. The Moovyn promise is a total carefree move.

The Challenge

Our motive to develop Moovyn was the question of how to approach a traditionally offline market such as the moving industry with online solutions. Arranging a move is also entirely different than ordering a meal or booking a Hotel online. Moving is a very high involvement service. After thorough analysis, we have identified the considerations that we deem necessary for our proposition:

The involvement of transferring people’s valuables

A lot of different processes at the same time

Unfamiliarity of the industry and related cost structures

These factors together usually result in the moving experience being extremely stressful.

The Result

We assist consumers by making their moving experience easy and transparent by providing:

Online solution with an intuitive user interface that guides the consumer through the whole move process

An inventory module with a unique algorithm based on 50K+ moves

Full online payment options

24/7 service

Full customer engagement throughout, and after, the actual move

The Moovyn Promise

Comfort through service

Surprisingly easy

Totally reliable