Dynamic storage, retrieval and analysis of your moving data.

The MoveCloud seamlessly integrates all of your Move4U solutions. The MoveCloud
is an internet-access based service that processes and shares all client and internal
process data across your moving company. Securely accessible anywhere in the
world, 24/7, the MoveCloud provides real-time data synchronization across all
your mobile and connected computing devices.

Computing Power

Like all other cloud environments, the
MoveCloud provides shared processing
of resources and data to connected
devices on-demand.


The MoveCloud dashboard provides you
with a quick overview of the status of all
your online and off-line surveys, claims
received and your pack in and pack out
procedures – the full Move4U suite of


We provide you with the tools to
interpret normally unstructured, raw
data which can reveal important trends
and identify areas of improvement that
could potentially save your company


Safe, secure access via the internet. Your data is encrypted prior to storage in the


The MoveCloud provides you with on-demand access to all your information and data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Business Insights

All Move4U solutions are fully integrated with the MoveCloud, providing the professionals in your company with direct insights into the application usage, customer details & status.

Application Management

The MoveCloud provides you with easy application management and full control over every solution. This gives you the ability to be flexible with the Move4u solutions in use.


The MoveCloud automates all the processes within the client’s moving cycle. All information is standardized, while supporting industry standard interfaces like RedSky.


With all our solutions integrated into the MoveCloud, you will be able to monitor live the progress of your business. And with the dashboard, you will have a good overview at a glance.