Powerful control over the entire move process, from survey and packing to unpacking

The MovePro consists of 3 modules: the SurveyPro, PackinPro and PackoutPro. These modules work seamlessly together in a chain, passing information from one to the other, but can also be used stand-alone to create more flexibility.

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Accuracy & efficiency

Data can be processed by the back office immediately after entry

Multilingual input and output screens

Allows flexible input and output of data in multiple languages with clear, intuitive entry screens

Cost savings

Reduces costs, conserves resources through simplified digital processes for surveyors and pack-in & pack-out teams

Eliminated Damage Discussions

Due to time-stamped survey photographs saved in the MoveCloud, claims can be quickly verified.

Multiple Language

Based on compiled client data like damage trends, subcontractor performance and volume estimation variance you can manage your business better.

Cloud Based Data

The SurveyPro, PackinPro and
PackoutPro are all seamlessly integrated into the MoveCloud, giving you and your teams 24/7 access

Multilingual Input & Output Screens

Allows flexible input and output data in multiple languages.

Digital Pack List

The MovePro creates complete pack lists with or without barcodes and eliminates all paper-based processes, ensuring more accuracy throughout the whole process.

Eco Friendly

Eliminates the need for paper (except for the Customs lists).

Intuitive user interface

Clear, user friendly data entry fields


At Move4U, we will provide you with the necessary facility to integrate the solutions with legacy systems such as, but not limited to, RedSky and MoveWare.


With all our solutions integrated into the MoveCloud, you will be able to monitor live the progress of your business. And with the dashboard, you will have a good overview at a glance.

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