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anytime, anywhere

Data synchronization and control
The MoveCloud is the cornerstone of our various digital solutions. It synchronizes move data seamlessly between the apps and ensures 24/7 availability of data to your organization. Whether you’re working from the office or out in the field, the MoveCloud ensures that you have everything you need right at your fingertips.


Anytime, anywhere

Today, one of the key factors in creating an efficient and successful workflow is availability and accessibility of information and data. The MoveCloud provides the power to easily look things up or share information with others. 

The live synchronization of data between the MoveCloud solutions, combined with a powerful dashboard for insights and analyses, will enable you and your organization to do more with data than you have ever done before.

Enhance your overall workflow:

  • Access move data anywhere 24/7
  • Live data updates for your crew
  • Synchronize data between MoveCloud solutions
  • Data available on all different devices
  • Analyze move data

Access move data anytime, anywhere

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Your data has become more powerful than ever before!

Live data synchronization, MoveCloud integration, reports and more.


Enhance your overall efficiency:


24/7 access

Availability of data is essential to a successful business. Wherever your teams are, make sure they can access essential move data via the MoveCloud


Live data updates

Each change made by a crew member is automatically synchronized, updated and available to all individuals working with the data at that moment. Never work with outdated information again.


Connects all MoveCloud solutions

MoveCloud maximizes the power of the solutions. Data gathered through one solution can be used in another. Compare photos taken with the MovePro with those submitted in the ClaimApp and more!


Analyze and compare move data

Improve your business by analyzing data from your moves in the MoveCloud

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Perfectly integrates with other MoveCloud solutions

Each MoveCloud solution is a powerful tool by itself. But combined, they are more than just the sum of all parts. Enjoy dynamic data that is synchronized and shared between the different solutions to create the ultimate mover’s workflow!

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