The moving survey application, including custom inventory,
that’s fully integrated with your existing website

The SurveyForm is an API based service providing you and your customers with the control of an in-home survey that includes a custom inventory with the option of multiple origin and destination addresses. Now you can provide your customers with a detailed quotation instead of a costly and time-consuming home inspection. The SurveyForm can be fully branded to your company’s look and feel and is fully integrated with your existing website.


Continuously accessible anytime, anywhere. Your customers can easily pause or stop their SurveyForm request for a quotation and continue later at their convenience – even from another device.

Total Solution

The SurveyForm provides an all-in-one solution to calculate an in-home inventory for your customers. Within 5 easy steps they can provide you with all their details, preferences and specific wishes.

Fully customizable

The application can be adapted to your company’s identity – the layout, colors and your logo can be incorporated. Even verification emails sent to your customers can reflect your company’s house style.

Data Analytics

The SurveyForm provides your sales team with all the necessary information they need to provide your client with a detailed quotation, and eliminates the need to send a physical inspector.

Application Insights

The SurveyForm provides you with all the dashboard insights that your organization needs and can be configured according to your requirements.


All Move4U solutions are seamlessly integrated into the MoveCloud, providing you with the necessary information and reporting. You will be able to monitor your surveys at any time, 24/7.


At Move4U, we will provide you with the necessary facility to integrate the solutions with legacy systems such as, but not limited to, RedSky and MoveWare.


With all our solutions integrated into the MoveCloud, you will be able to monitor live the progress of your business. And with the dashboard, you will have a good overview at a glance.

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